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Riva Paola, born in Lecco on 13 December 1979 and residing in Galbiate (Lecco), began her professional career as an artist, appearing for the first time on the Lecco art scene in 2009.

Graduated from the Castellini art school in Como, she participated in several painting exhibitions and exhibited her works in Italy and abroad.


Unlike many of his contemporaries, Riva Paola has an artistic training mainly as a fantasy painter and has a completely personal conception of art and approach to it. He believes it is important to always risk and that inspiration can be found in anything you look at. To find out more about her philosophy, contact her.



A long and fascinating roundup of faces with an intriguing "Fantasy" flavor, unusual details and great precision, strong symbolism, but always attached to these portraits of great artistic depth in a very light and gentle way, wide and involving range of colors, from painted with extremely energetic and lively hues to more essentially monochromatic ones. This, in the final analysis, is the pictorial figure of Paola Riva, a quality artist, trained at the “G. Castellini ”of Como, city where he worked for a few years in the creative field in various sectors of activity and with prestigious collaborations, associated first with GAO in Olate di Lecco and then with the“ Bottega dell'Arte ”in Missaglia (Lecco) and with numerous exhibitions and participation in painting competitions behind it, from Lecco to Cesano Maderno, from Olginate to Vercurago, from Galbiate to Olgiate Molgora, from Oggiono to Valmadrera. And so we can enjoy the emotions that come to us from these enchanting realistic or hyper-realistic oil portraits on canvas, with a highly refined technique, such as the faces with an intense and dark gaze of Woman, Female Charm, The redhead, or the more exuberant compositions and imaginatively colored decompositions, between flowers and lights, of Blue eyes, In his world and Eyes in the sunset, or the interesting monochromatic paintings Iceman and In the blue. A series of works, those of Paola Riva, of undoubted aesthetic grace, with the elegant classic atmospheres of the past and modern executive conception, pleasant and meaningful at the same time, intended to peer into the deepest of the human soul, in particular of that feminine, in search of the most authentic impulses of our daily life, as art must do in the fullness of its mandate.


Prof. Silvano Valentini
Art critic


The brilliant chromaticism in the delicate tonal shades delineates the face of a woman with a classic charm who abandons herself to the dream in the unusual appearance of an intrepid and white horse in freedom, while generating vitality in the dynamic drive in an effervescence of symbols that go beyond the world of reality to travel the enchantment of the surreal on the waves of fantasy, beyond the poetics of the imaginary for a new art language.


Dr. Carla D'Aquino Mineo

Art critic - Academic Center Maison d'Art Padova

Lombardia, Italy

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